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Authored by Dr. Richard Morrow Porrata Ph.D.

Retired Associate Professor. University of Puerto Rico at Multi-lingual & Cultural Division, Language Instructor US Army, Rank Colonel. Highest Degree obtained Ph.D. 120 hours of Native American linguistics from the University of Oregon. Former President of the Native American and Alaskan Native Association, FamilyTreeDNA.com Administer for Taino Descendants of Puerto Rico, Chairman of the Descendants of Puerto Rico’s First Nation.

Yukibo Books is a proud sponsor of Descendants of Puerto Rico’s First Nation

Dr. Porrata likes to write scholarly books such as a coloring book that teaches children about electronics. Also, Puerto Rican culture and history; especially history never written about. He also devotes writing literature to revitalize the Taino language.

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Descendants of Puerto Rico’s First Nation (DPRFN) is associated with FamilyTreeDNA.com TainoDescendantsofPR Project. DPRFN is a Taino group who’s members have to prove they have Amerindian roots from Puerto Rico. We welcome those into DPRFN who meet our requirements.

DPRFN is not subversive to the United States. We do not support any political party nor do we discriminate against one’s religious beliefs. You are free to post and share comments that relate to our page. Anyone using our page as a political platform, posting hoaxes, indecent photos, lewd or insulting remarks, or foul language will be blocked from further use of our page. DPRFN is a clean organization that upholds good moral values. Our committee members are bilingual in English and Spanish, so please use whichever language you feel.

Our mission is to acquire federal recognition through the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs as legit Taino descendants to secure our Native American prosperity. We do not seek to establish gambling. Our goal is to fall under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 so that our ancestral remains and artifacts are returned to us by museums that hold our native prosperity.

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